Breeding and Exhibition of SHOW BUDGIES Molkentin Stud, South Africa
Filmed by Eelco Meyjes

The Ground-Hornbill's critical walk to freedom

                        New release


Gerald.S. Binks. Author of The Challenge. Breeding Championship Budgerigars. UK

' is quite brilliant and frankly awesome to watch. It's a superb film and I am not in any way a flatterer... Congratulations ."

Australian BirdKeeper magazine

" This new release DVD is an informative presentation of the Australian Budgerigar and its journey to England and around the world including the world acclaimed Molkentin Stud in South Africa, one of the top studs in the world in the development of exhibition quality show budgerigars.....the DVD is well worth seeing or giving as a gift and if you cannot get to South Africa, this DVD will take you there."

Reinhard, Holger and Christine Molkentin

  • The budgie today is the most popular pet bird in the world.
  • They originate from Australia and in the wild they are normally only seen in the green colour form.
  • The budgie is in fact the smallest parrot in the world and strictly speaking is classified as a parakeet.
  • Budgies are gregarious birds, and in the wild, are often seen in massive flocks searching for food and water.
  • The normal green budgies found in the wild are a lot smaller than the very big show budgies that one sees on todays show benches all over the world

"Reinhard and Hoger Molkentin, arguably two of the world's Supreme Budgie Breeders, and multiple winners of national show budgie champions in both Germany and South Africa , possess a magnificent stud of 1000 superb birds in an amazing range of colours . This DVD introduces every aspect of the hobby. See the progress of quality from the indigenous wild and tiny budgerigars from Australia , to the massive and beautiful show birds which adorn the World Championships in modern times .

This wonderful DVD describes the many challenges faced by Breeders of Exhibition Quality Budgerigars in over 70 countries . Breeders strive to breed superb exhibits to win " Best in Show " Awards against all comers. The satisfaction and thrill in winning cannot be equalled

I commend this DVD to all who both love budgies and delight in the challenge to breed many outstanding winners."

Gerald. S Binks


The Molkentin Breeding facility in South Africa

Order your own copy of this already highly acclaimed DVD titled : Breeding and Exhibition of SHOW BUDGIES Molkentin Stud, South Africa.

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