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The list below is by no means complete and it will grow with time as new books are discovered, recommended and/or published. Some of the books may not be available from many of the specialist booksellers in your area or country. In this case it is suggested that you visit the online booksellers such as www.avianpublications.com, www.birdkeeper.com.au or alternatively for some of the rare and out print books they can sometimes be sourced from www.abebooks.com or www.bookfinder.com. No books are sold on this site and the Books4birdkeepers list is merely a service provided to help enrich your interest in aviculture, to veiw our birding dvds visit www.birdkeeping.co.za. All books have been ranked by our editors in the following order:

Highly Rated
Well Rated


If there is no ranking next to a book title then it simply means that the editors have as yet not had the privilege to review the book or they alternatively would prefer not to comment on it. A rating of Classic is given to those titles that are often referenced in 3 or more other books. The word New will remain behind a listed book for a period of one year and the words Out of Print will be listed where it is known that the book is no longer in print.

Books on Parrots and Parakeets

A Birdkeepers Guide to Cockatoos - Salamander Acceptable  
African Parrots - Rick Jordan and Jean Pattison, USA Well Rated  
Amazon Parrots - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Caiques - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Cockatoos in Aviculture - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Endangered Parrots - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Grey Parrots. A guide to Grey Parrots - Rosemary Low New Highly Rated  
Neophema Mutations - The concise collection - Neil Ingram Highly Rated  
Parrot Breeding - Rosemary Low Rated  
Parrot incubation Procedures - Rick Jordan Well Rated  
Parrots - tfh Acceptable  
Parrots - A guide to the parrots of the World - Juniper and Parry Well Rated  
Parrots in Aviculture - Rosemary Low Highly Rated  
Parrots of the World - JM Forshaw and WT Cooper Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
Parrots, handfeeding and nursery management - Voren and Jordan Well Rated  
Parrots. Their care and breeding - Vol 1 - 3 - Rutgers et al Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Pionus Parrots - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Practical Incubation - Rob Harvey Rated  
The Budgerigar - Dr. Rob Marshall Highly Rated  
The Challenge - Gerald.S.Binks Highly Rated  
The Complete book of Budgerigars - John Scoble Well Rated  
The Indian Ringneck Breeder's Handbook - P Robson Acceptable  
The Loving care of pet parrots - Rosemary Low Rated  
The New Incubation Book - Brown and Robins Well Rated  
The Parrot Companion - New Rated  

Books on Finches and Softbills

A Birdkeepers Guide to Finches - Davis Alderton Acceptable  
A Birdkeepers Guide to Softbills - David Alderton Acceptable  
Australian Finches in bush and Aviary - Klaus Immelmann Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Estrldid finches of the world - Derek Goodwin Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
Finches - Enehjelm Acceptable  
Finches - Ian Collins Out of Print Rated  
Finches and Softbill birds - Acceptable  
Finches and Sparrows - Clement, Harris and Davis Classic Still Highly Rated  
Finches and their care - Carl Aschenborn Acceptable  
Finches as a hobby - Dennis Kesley-Wood  
Hancock House Encyclopedia of Esstrildid Finches - MM Vriends et al Rated  
Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Keeping and Breeding Finches and Seedeaters - Russell Kingston Out of Print Still Highly Rated Classic  
Keeping Gouldian Finches - James Blake  
Lories and Lorikeets - Rosemary Low Well Rated  
Munias and Mannikins - Robin Restall Classic Highly Rated  
Peking Robins and Small Softbills - Peter Karsten New Release Highly Rated  
Softbilled Birds - C Roots Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Softbills - care, breeding and conservation - Martin Vince Classic, Still Highly Rated  
Starlings and Mynas - CJ Feare,B Croucher and A Craig Highly Rated  
The Complete Book of Australian Finches - AJ Mobbs Rated  
The Complete Book of Finches and Softbills - David Alderton Rated  
The Finch...a Breeder's Companion - Russell Kingston New Release Instant Classic Highly Rated  
The Gouldian Finch - Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler New Release Highly Rated  
The Hawfinch - Guy Mountford Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
The Hornbills - Alan Kemp. Illustrated by Martin Woodcock Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
Toucans,Barbets and Honeyguides - Lester Short, Jennifer Horn New Release Highly Rated  

Books on Pigeons, Doves and Quails

The Atlas of Quails - David Alderton Well Rated  
Turacos - Joseph M Forshaw and William T Cooper Highly Rated  

Books on Pheasants

Pheasants - Including their care in the aviary - HA Gerrits Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Quail. Their breeding and management - G E S Robbins Highly Rated  
The Pheasants of the World - J Delacour Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  

Books on Waterfowl

Ducks, Geese and Swans - Janet Fear Highly Rated  
Ducks, Geese, Swans, Waterfowl of the World - Frank S Todd Out of Print. Well Rated  
Waterfowl of the World - Vol 1 - 4 - J Delacour and Peter Scott Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Wildfowl of the World - E Soothhill and P Whitehead Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  

Books on Gamebirds

Gamebird Breeders' Handbook - commercial and ornamental - Woodward et al, USA Well Rated  
Gamebird Shooting in Southern Africa - Colin Vary Well Rated  
Gamebirds of Southern Africa - Colin Vary Well Rated  
Quail, Their Breeding and Management - G.E.S Robbins Out of Print Rated  

Books on Falconry and Raptors

Arab Falconry - Roger Upton Well Rated  
Bird in the Hand - Roger Upton Out of Print Rated  
Birds of Prey of Africa and its Islands - Alan and Meg Kemp Rated  
Duck Hawking and the Art of Falconry - Joe Roy III Well Rated  
Falconery on a Wing and a Prayer - Nick Hammond Acceptable  
Falconry - Jemmima Perry-Jones Well Rated  
Falconry Art and Practice - Emma Ford Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
Falconry for beginners - Lee Willem Harris Acceptable  
Falconry for You - Humphrey A Evans Out of Print Well Rated  
Game Hawking at its Very Best - Hal Webster and James Enderson Out of Print Well Rated  
In Pursuit of the Peregrine. - Richard Treleven Out of Print Well Rated  
Owls and Owling. - Tarbutton and Erasmus Well Rated  
Raptors of the World - Ferguson, Lees, Christie, Franklin, Mead, Burton Highly Rated  
Raptors. Identification Guide - Ulrich Oberpreiller and Burger Cille Well Rated  
Southern African Birds of Prey - Pickforth ,Tarbutton Highly Rated  
The Gyrfalcon - Eugene Potopor New Highly Rated  
The Raptor - Almanac Weidensoul Rated  
The Red-tailed Hawk lion - J Mc Granaghan Out of Print Well Rated  
Training Birds of Prey - Jemmima Perry- Jones Well Rated  
Understanding Owls - Jemmima Perry-Jones Well Rated  
Understanding the Bird of Prey - Neil Fox Highly Rated  

Books on all birds

Birds of the World - Austin and Singer Still Rated  
Dodo from extinction to Icon - Errol Fuller Rated  
Fabulous Feathers, Remarkable Birds - Rosemary Low Rated  
Life on the Wing - Brutus Ostling New Highly Rated  
SasolBirds. The Inside Story. Bird Biology and Behaviour in Southern Africa - Rael and Helene Loon Highly Rated  
The Birding Life - Stephan Moss New Well Rated  
The life of Birds - David Attenborough Highly Rated  
Threatened Birds of the World - Birdlife International Highly Rated  

Books on Aviculture

African Birds in Field and Aviary - N Brickell, T Konigkramer Classic Well Rated  
Aviculture in Australia.Keeping and Breeding Aviary Birds - Mark Shephard Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Aviculture in South Africa - Herbert H Parker Classic  
Birdkeeping and Birdcages : A History - Sonia Roberts Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Birds of the Edward Marshall Boehm Aviaries - Charles Everitt Out of Print Rated  
Birds of the World - Eyewitness Herrald  
Encyclopedia of Aviculture - Glen Holland and the World's finest Aviculturists New Release Highly Rated  
Encyclopedia of Aviculture Vol 1 - 3 - A Rutgers and K A Norris Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Foreign bird keeping - a complete guide to breeding and management - E J Boosey Classic Out of Print Still Well Rated  
Foreign Birds for Beginners - DHS Richardson Out of Print Well Rated  
Guide to Birds - Ben Morgan  
Handbook of Birds, Cages and Aviaries - ABK Publications Well Rated  
Handbook of foreign birds in colour - their care in cage and aviary - Vol 1-2 - A. Rutgers Classic Out of Print Still Accepted  
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Caged and Aviary Birds. - David Alderton Acceptable  
Keeping Pet Birds - Don Harper  
The Cage and Aviary Bird Handbook - T Tilford Acceptable  
The Handbook of Aviculture - Frank Woolham Classic Still Well Rated  
The Living Air: The memoirs of an Ornithologist
(Editors Comment . Often considered to be the worlds first aviculturist ) - Jean Delacour

Books on Specific Regions

A first Guide to South African Birds - E Leonard Gill Classic Out of Print Acceptable  
A Guide to nests and eggs of Southern African Birds - Warwick Tarbutton Highly Rated  
Birds of Southern Mozambique - PA Clancy Well Rated  
Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands - Ian Sinclair, Oliver Langrond Well Rated  
Complete Book of Southern African Birds - Peter Ginn, Geoff Mc Illeron, Peter Milstein Highly Rated  
Nesting Birds ( Southern Africa ) - Peter Steyn Highly Rated  
Newmans Birds of Southern Africa - Kenneth Newman Classic Highly Rated  
Roberts Birds of Southern Africa - VII edition - PAR Hockey, WRJ Dean and PG Ryan New Highly Rated  
Roberts Birds of Southern Africa -VI edition - GL Maclean Classic Out of Print Still Highly Rated  
The Birds of Africa vol 1 to 7 - Fry, Keith and Urbin Classic Highly Rated  
What Bird is That ? The classic guide to the birds of Australia - Well Rated  


A field guide to the Birds of East Africa - JG Williams and N Arlott Out of Print Still Well Rated  
A field guide to the birds of Java and Bali - J MacKinnon Highly Rated  
A field Guide to the Birds of West Africa - W Serle, GJ Morel and W Hartwig Out of Print Still Well Rated  
A Fieldguide to the birds of South America - Jorge Rodriguez Mata, Francisca Erize and Maurice Rumboll New Highly Rated  
Birds of Africa south of the Sahara - I Sinclair P Ryan Highly Rated  
Field Guide to the birds of Australia - K Simpson and N Day New Rated  
The Claremont Field Guide to the Birds of Australia - Highly Rated  

Australian Birdkeeper Guides

A guide to Basis Health and disease in Birds - MJ Cannon  
Asiatic Parrots ( Indian Ringnecks ) -  
Australian Grassfinches -  
Australian Long and broadtailed Parrot and New Zealand Kakarikis -  
Australian White Cockatoos -  
Basic Health and Disease in Birds -  
Black Cockatoos -  
Cockatiels -  
Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots -  
Conures as Pet and Aviary Birds -  
Eclectus Parrots -  
Gouldian Finches -  
Grey Parrots - Rosemary Low New  
Handbook of Birds, Cages and Aviaries -  
Incubation and Handraising Parrots -  
Lories and Lorikeets -  
Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds -  
Neophema and Grass Parrots -  
Pet and Companion Birds -  
Pheasants and Waterfowl -  
Pigeon, Doves and Quail -  
Rosella's -  
Under the Microscope -  
Zebra Finches -  

General Interest

Austin Roberts - C K Brain Highly Rated  
Everybird A Guide to Bird Health - Acceptable  
The Bird Collector - Barbara and Richard Mearns Well Rated  
Winged Migration - Jacques Perrin, Jean Francois Mougibeax Highly Rated  

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