South Africa's leading Birdkeeping Club - Rand Avicultural Society - members specialise in African, Australian, Asiatic and South American Finches and Doves as well as Softbills and Parrots.  
rand avicultural society
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Join South Africa's leading Bird Keeping Club and meet others who share your passion for birding.

The Rand Avicultural Society, based in the Gauteng area, is South Africa’s leading bird keeping club.
Its members specialise in South African, African, Australian, Asiatic and South American Finches and Doves, as well as Softbills, Parrots and Parrot-like birds.

The Rand Avicultural Society welcomes beginners and experienced bird keepers alike, and is able to offer a number of benefits, including:

  • The only club in South Africa to have an avian vet as its president for specialised healthcare advice.
  • The largest generalised bird keeping club in South Africa that caters to a range of species, from Finches to Macaws.
  • Access to a well-stocked library that offers a wide range of books and subscriptions to the best international bird keeping magazines and videos.
  • Assistance for members regarding possible permit applications for keeping indigenous birds.
  • Bird keeping clubs often make regular financial contributions to various bird related conservation initiatives.
  • Opportunities to attend talks/seminars/conferences by knowledgeable speakers on specialised topics, such as bird aviaries (inside and outside), keeping caged birds (national and international species), avian healthcare and The Southern Ground Hornbill etc.
  • Access to videos on how South African bird keepers put their love for the hobby into practice.
  • Modern day technologies for club management.
Upon joining RAS you will receive a starter pack, which will provide you with valuable information regarding the art of bird keeping in South Africa.

The members of the Rand Avicultural Society meet on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at the Honeydew Country Club, Tennis club section, at No 1 Boundary Rd, Honeydew, Johannesburg (see map for directions). Meetings start at 7.30pm for 8.00pm and end at approximately Visitors are welcome to bring their families and enjoy an evening with us in the wonderful world of aviculture.

Membership fees are R200.00 per year per individual and R240.00 for family packages.

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For more information about buying or selling birds (finch, African Grey, Macaw, Budgie, Canary, etc), general bird health care, books, feeders, nutrition and housing (cage or aviary), etc in South Africa, visit the Avizandum Magazine website at email their editor

For more information the Rand Avicultural Society you can email: or you can Blog: (


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