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This series was borne out of the desire of bird enthusiasts wanting to know more about how ornithologists and aviculturists can work together to harness the very best knowledge from both the wild as well as captive breeding programmes to help rescue a particular species from possible extinction

Examples such as the Hawaiian Geese, Californian Condor, Peregrine Falcon, Echo Parakeet and Pink Pigeon plus many more have all been well documented as successful conservation inititiatives using both disciplines to maximum effect.

Below is a list of highly informative and entertaining documentaries that can be seen in this series:

  • The Ground-Hornbills critical walk to Freedom
    Threatened with extinction , Southern Ground-Hornbill numbers have dwindled to 1500 in South Africa. Females take up to 10 years to reach maturity and then lay two eggs , the second and smaller of which hatches ,but always starves to death . The documentary tells the remarkable story of the Ground- Hornbill Project conservation efforts ,including hand harvesting and rearing the rejected chicks to set them on a path to independence in the wild. For more info click here

  • Searching for Shelley's finches amongst Africa's Mountain Gorillas
    The Shelley's Crimsonwing is one of the rarest finches in Africa . It inhabits the same dense Albetine Rift highland tropical rain forest as the threatened Mountain Gorillas, made famous by Dian Fossey in the late 1960's and the classic movie Gorrillas in the Mist. See how this finch is being saved from possible extinction. Click here for more info


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